Check out the great article in the latest Air Classics magazine by my good friend and editor Michael O’Leary.  It’s  in the Volume 44, number 10 issue on page 55 which shows a B-17 crew on the front cover.  Michael has done many photo shoots of my collection going back to the 1980′s and the Weeks Air Musem days in Miami. 

We have our site up and running!  This is our first ever Internet Marketing campaign and was the product we used to get into the Platinum Group Internet Marketing group recently mentioned. 

Our Opt-In page offers free downloadable drawings for kids to color.  After you Opt-In with your name and email you then land on our Sales Letter Page which tells you all about the book and its benefits.  At any time you can click to purchase but check it out first and read some of the great testimonials and ideas we came up with to help promote the book, which I wrote.  To see how the system works you can wait a few days to purchase and you will discover out Autoresponder will send you an email every day for the folowing ten days with reasons why you should consider the purchase!  Of course you can Opt-out at anytime at the bottom of the page.  Once you purchase, you are automatically taken off the Autoresponder list.

We also have a first attempt at a kid’s site at so check that out as well.  Particularly interesting are two short videos we did that tell about the Gee Bee “Z” and the Gee Bee R-1.  Once you click on the site wait until all the characters come up, click on Jimmy G. and it will take you to the two videos.  We’re still tweaking it but enjoy our first attempt!


Last year I joined an Internet Marketing Group called AM 2.0 headed my Armand Morin.  Realizing the potential of the Internet, I have been trying to learn all I can to utilize it in the promotion of Fantasy of Flight and the products I am creating.

With the help of my IT department I have been working diligently to check off a 114-point list of items relating to our first promotional effort – my new illustrated children’s book “All of Life is a School”.  Once accomplished, we will be eligible to join a Platinum Group of Internet Marketers that are on the cutting edge of the business.

Well, while our athletes have been winning Gold at the Olympics in China this summer, we just got the annoucement this morning that we have completed our requirements and have now gone Platinum!  We have been invited to our first meeting in in Raleigh, NC early September.  As part of the two-day meetings, we will be given the opportunity to bring to the best minds in the business our ideas about what we would like to get input about.  And since we have a plan in place for the Gee Bee Book, I hope to bring to the group the concept we have for the song I wrote called “Daddy’s Little Girl!”

The instrumental tune was written by a friend of mine, Mark Johnson about three years ago and it’s on his second album called Acoustic Rising.  He is a renowned banjo player with a unique style and named the tune “Katie Weeks” after my little girl.  The album went up for the International Bluegrass Music Awards “Instrumental Album of the Year”.  And while it didn’t win, it is one of the most requested songs off that album on Bluegrass XM Radio.

After we heard him play it at a music festival several years ago and got the CD, words and visuals began to come to me.  I realized I was supposed to write words to his music!  I have completed a rough recording but will be back in the studio for the final version.  Every father with a daughter I have played it to has been teary eyed by the end of the song.  It has great potential to be put to a short music video and we hope to find a way to bypass the “difficult to deal with music industry” and promote in via the Internet.

Stay tuned as we head towards a June of 2009 release!


pic2.jpgI just learned how to put pictures up on my Blog so check them out.One is of a new friend that came for a tour of Fantasy of Flight that I met at the Living Legends of Aviation Dinner I attended last January in Beverly Hills. I was inducted several years ago and my new friend was inducted this year. He had his private Boeing 707 up at the Oshkosh Fly-In.


pic1.jpgThe other friend is a well-known film director from New Zealand. He did a couple of films about “Rings” and another recent one featuring a very Big Gorrilla! I got a chance to fly in one of his absolutely gorgeous SE-5 reproductions with another friend of mine outside of Wellington, NZ while he stood in the middle of the airfield with an HD Camera. I was very fortuante to spend my Birthday at his house with his family on my last round the world trip. They gave me a signed statue of the Big Gorilla grabbing an airplane on the top of the Empire State Building!


PS – Now that I know how to insert photos I will go back and insert earlier posts!  If you click on the picture it might show up larger and clearer.

Having traveled around the world, then to Oshkosh and then to the west coast, I am finally home for awhile!

I just returned from San Francisco where I acquired a reproduction aircraft of the ”Miss Los Angeles” Racer that is one of the characters featured in my book “All of Life is a School”.  This new addition of “Missy”  will bring the total number of characters I will have on display at Fantasy of Flight to five of ten!  I am working on a plan to display the aircraft at the Reno Air Races Septemeber 10 – 14 to help promote the book sales and have it home sometime after.

By the end of my trip I also hit a major milestone in my book “The Journey Never Ends!”  I have completed semi-final drafts of the ten main chapters that describe my experiences during the ten Monroe Insitute Programs I attended beginning in January of 2006 and ending in November 2007.  It was an unbelieveable experience  that was basically  exploration of consciousness that was nothing short of profound, phenomenol and at times unbelievable.  I have a rough Introduction and Summary as well.  I will continue to edit and proof read as time allows and hope to publish the book sometime in 2009.