Travelair 1I recently test flew our Travelair 4000 after a complete top-overhaul by our engine restoration specialist, Andy Salter.  The aircraft sports a Wright J-5, which is the same engine that safely took Charles Lindbergh across the Atlantic in 1927.  This particular airplane had been out of license for eight years so it was great to get it flying again!  Andy is currently working on building up another J-5 to power our Spirit of St. Louis replica.  This is an extremely rare running engine and is possibly one of the very few, if not the only Wright J-5 engine currently flying!

One of the reasons we got it in the air again is there is a possibility of doing some movie work with it within the next year or so.  If this happens, we will use the Spirit engine as a back-up and when any filming is completed, we would then install it on our Spirit of St. Louis replica.  One of the small tweaks we need to do is to adjust the pitch angle on the ground adjustable propellor, as it is a bit coarse right now.  It currently has a higher cruise than normal, but needs a bit more horsepower for take-off and climb.  This can be accomplished by flattening out the pitch angel on the prop to allow the engine to turn up a bit more rpm on take-off, which translates to more horsepower.  Currently, it’s like taking off in a car in third gear.  It takes a bit to get going, but once you get leveled off, and up to speed, it goes!Travelair 2

If you are in the Central Florida area this weekend, you can see it fly at Fantasy of Flight in conjunction with a Barnstormers Event we’re doing July 25th and 26th.  I won’t be able to fly as I will be heading towards the Oshkosh Fly-In that begins next Monday, July 27th to sell and autograph my products in the EAA Wearhouse near Aeroshell Square, Monday through Thursday.

I hope you can make it out to Fantasy of Flight this weekend, but if you find yourself up at Oshkosh, come by and say Hello!


I recently got a chance to tour George Griffith around Fantasy of Flight and share my Vision of where we’re headed.  George has been connected to The Monroe Institute (TMI) since just before its founder, Bob Monroe, passed away at 80 in 1995.  George is the current Chairman of the Board and was recommended by the President, Skip Atwater, he needed to meet me and visit Fantasy of Flight as a “must see” stop!  I was honored both Skip and George took the time to come by and see the potential of what we’re trying to accomplish.

Blog-Shot-w-George-GriffithDuring George’s visit, I also got a chance to tell him about the progress on my Book “The Journey Never Ends,” which is a ten-Program chronicle of my exploration of consciousness experiences at TMI over a two-year period.  I’ve pretty much finished the beginning of the Book and am narrowing down on the editing of the ten-Program Chapters.  Most of this process is just going over and over the material making small editing changes.  My main hurdle will be to corral in all this information into a great summary, which I currently have in rough form.  I made significant progress on a recent vacation while in the mountains of Utah and am looking forward to finding the time to finish it up.  There will be a number of  approvals I’ll need to get from The Monroe Institute, as some of the information in the Book included is proprietary.

I feel this Book has tremendous potential to help the Monroe cause as well as anyone that reads it.  I hope to have a completed manuscript before the end of the year to submit for their approval.  Regardless, of whether it becomes public, or not, it was an amazing journey for me that was nothing short of phenomenally transformational!