I was recently introduced, somewhat synchronistically, to a gentleman named Kevin Blackwell through a roommate I had at The Monroe Institute.  As I have indicated in several previous Blog Posts, I have been working on my book “The Journey Never Ends!”, which is about my two-year, ten-Program experience there.  I have been slowly making progress on the Summary, which has been like herding cats because of all the material.  I recently gave the Introduction and first three Chapters to the President and the Director of The Monroe Institute for approval of my format for the book, which includes a lot of TMI proprietary material.

Anyway, something was telling me I was supposed to go see Kevin, who reportedly had a talent for connecting with people from the past . . . potentially, anybody!  I proceeded cautiously but realized, if he did have this talent, he could confirm several interesting past life connections I learned about during my inner explorations at The Monroe Institute.  Some would be considered controversial in the best of circumstances so I followed where the energies were leading me and contacted Kevin by email.  I told him I wanted to try something different than what he might be used to and, if he was truly connected, my approach would work.

I told him I wanted to make four connections but did not elaborate.  They could have been anybody but they were actually all me.  Prior to arriving at his home in Santa Fe, NM I wrote the four alleged past life connections on a piece of paper and put it away.  He knew NOTHING of my intent and I sensed, if this was truly meant to be, he would be given whatever information I was to receive from an objective and non-bias perspective.  Just before we began I asked, “Oh, by the way, could you please do them in chronological order?” We spent the whole day doing the readings.

Not only did he nail the order, he confirmed much of the information I received at Monroe and elaborated on them even further!  We were both blown away by the information as well as the experience.  His readings have now become a 64-page Appendix item in my book!

Several months after the readings I had the opportunity to show Kevin around Fantasy of Flight and treat him to a ride in the P-51D.  If you want to learn more about Kevin he has several interesting clips on Youtube.


I recently got a chance to tour George Griffith around Fantasy of Flight and share my Vision of where we’re headed.  George has been connected to The Monroe Institute (TMI) since just before its founder, Bob Monroe, passed away at 80 in 1995.  George is the current Chairman of the Board and was recommended by the President, Skip Atwater, he needed to meet me and visit Fantasy of Flight as a “must see” stop!  I was honored both Skip and George took the time to come by and see the potential of what we’re trying to accomplish.

Blog-Shot-w-George-GriffithDuring George’s visit, I also got a chance to tell him about the progress on my Book “The Journey Never Ends,” which is a ten-Program chronicle of my exploration of consciousness experiences at TMI over a two-year period.  I’ve pretty much finished the beginning of the Book and am narrowing down on the editing of the ten-Program Chapters.  Most of this process is just going over and over the material making small editing changes.  My main hurdle will be to corral in all this information into a great summary, which I currently have in rough form.  I made significant progress on a recent vacation while in the mountains of Utah and am looking forward to finding the time to finish it up.  There will be a number of  approvals I’ll need to get from The Monroe Institute, as some of the information in the Book included is proprietary.

I feel this Book has tremendous potential to help the Monroe cause as well as anyone that reads it.  I hope to have a completed manuscript before the end of the year to submit for their approval.  Regardless, of whether it becomes public, or not, it was an amazing journey for me that was nothing short of phenomenally transformational!


blog-shot-kermit-and-franceen-with-storchI had the opportunity to show one of my Monroe Institute Trainers, Franceen King, around Fantasy of Flight last weekend.  Franceen was a trainer for three of the eleven Monroe Programs I took over the last few years and has the second longest tenure as a Monroe Trainer of almost two and a half decades.  I gave her the Vision Tour and let her sit in the Po-2 and Spirit of St. Louis reproduction and listen to the Audio Experiences for each plane.  Later, I flew Airplane of the Day in the Fiesler Storch and gave her a ride.  Between making fly-bys for the crowd, I pointed out Orlampa from the air.

She actually developed the Programs I took with her called Exploration 27 and Starlines 1 & 2 and has been involved in consciousness exploration for many years.  She lives in the local Florida area and before I met her had already visited Fantasy of Flight with her father, who was a pilot during WWII as well as her husband.  She told me when she first arrived and read my saying on the entrance wall, “She felt I was a kindred spirit!”  It was not long after that we first met during my sixth Program at The Monroe Institute.

Franceen was kind enough to help me edit some of the more technical material for the Starlines Chapters of my book The Journey Never Ends, which encompasses ten of the Monroe Programs I took during 2006 and 2007.  Several of my more profound experiences happened during her Programs that we nothing short of phenomenal.  There are other mentions about the Monroe Institute in my blog but you can check it out further at www.monroeinstitute.org.

As far as the book goes, I am pretty much done with the Introduction and the ten Program Chapters and am currently trying to get my head and arms around all the material for the Summary.  It is currently 1250 pages and over 650,000 words so don’t expect to read it all in one sitting!  I have several get-away trips planned to work on it over the summer and am still hoping to finish it by the end of this year.  

One thing I can assure you . . . anyone that reads this book will NEVER look at reality the same again!


grumman-duck-in-flightWe hosted our second Splash-In event as part of the Sun ‘n Fun Fly-In on Thursday, April 23rd.  It was a great success!  Last year we had 85 seaplanes and this year we had 101!  The weather was perfect and I got a chance to fly the Grumman Duck for everyone.  We are beginning to plan and promote our own Seaplane Fly-In during the last weekend of September of this year so keep your eyes peeled for more information.  With our great shoreline and seaplane ramp, we have the potential to create one of the premier Seaplane Fly-In’s in the world!

ford-tri-motor-with-hong-my-and-dan-cherryOf course, during the Fly-In I get to meet many new and old friends.  One of the more interesting new ones were Lt. Hong My and Dan Cherry.  The first time they met was in the skies over Hanoi, Vietnam where Dan Cherry flying an F-4 Phantom shot down Hong My in his Mig 21.  They got reacquainted 37 years later and have since become friends, visiting each other homes and doing special events.  They happened to be over at the Sun ‘n Fun Fly-In and I was asked to fly them over and give them a tour of Fantasy of Flight.  I picked them up in my Ford Tri-Motor and gave them both the opportunity to try their hand at flying it.  It was very interesting to say the least because you hardly use the rudder in a jet except to steer on the ground and the Ford is very much a rudder airplane.  I think it was a bit of a shock to both of them to watch the slip ball swing from side to side as they tried to wrestle the Ford around the sky.  After landing, I gave them a grand tour of our facility!

b-25-with-kermit-and-steve-brownAnother person that came by for a visit was an old acquaintance but new Head of the CAF (now Commemorative Air Force).  I gave him a tour of Fantasy of Flight and explained my Vision as to where we were headed.  He seemed deeply influenced by some of the things I was proposing as well as some of the things we were currently doing.  I let him sit in the cockpit of the Polikarpov Po-2 while he listened to the Audio Experience about the Night Witches.  When we climbed out of the cockpit he said, “I HAVE  to play this to my Board of Directors . . . this is exactly what they need to hear!”  The next day he brought by several of his staff to show them the facility and listen to some of the Audio Experiences.  Not a bad testimonial!


I just got back from Alaska and the Iditerod Dog Sled Race.  When I was Heli-skiing with Sean Tucker the week before he got a call from a corporate friend that had some last minute cancellations and got us an invite!  We were wined and dined with great food and great friends and had a great time!



The first day we got to see the start of the race in downtown Anchorage and I bumped in to Gov. Sarah Palin!  When she was campaigning in Florida she made a campaign stop at Fantasy of Flight compliments of the Republican Party.  I happened to autograph a Gee Bee Book for her son Trig and gave it to one of her helpers to pass on.  After she officially started the Iditerod Race by cutting the ribbon she happened to walk towards me holding a baby.  I asked if it was Trig and she thanked me for the book and introduced me to her husband, who likes to fly.



Later our group got out to a giant glacier by helicopter.  It’s ice flow ended at a frozen lake at about 700 feet above sea level and continued up to about 6000 feet!  On the flight out, Sean and I couldn’t help but notice all the great Heli-ski opportunities!  We landed on the lake at the end of the glacier and got to explore some ice caves.  It was the first time I had ever been to Alaska and it was certainly the first time I ever had champagne on ice!

Kermit the Musher!

Kermit the Musher!

The next day we jumped into some airplanes on skis and flew out to a great lodge located at the third checkpoint on the 1150 mile race.  The next morning the first racers began to come through to stop to feed their dogs, have them checked, rest up, and head out.  By the end of the day all of the 60+ racers and come and gone and during the day I got a chance to do some snowmobiling as well as trying my hand at being a Musher with a team of eight dogs!  It was great fun but I learned not to try it after the dogs had eaten!


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