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Just as a mission briefing informs flight teams of what lies ahead, these activity overviews are merely a summation of the types corporate team building events that can be hosted at Fantasy of Flight.

Top Fun Games

Remember the volleyball scene in Top Gun?  Your team can relive this moment as they compete in a volleyball tournament and enjoy other retro favorites such as kickball, whiffle ball, dodgeball, capture the flag and more in our expansive outdoor event space.  Your team doesn’t need to be in top physical condition to participate in these games — they just have to be gunning for a fun time!

Flight of Fancy

We’ve all seen the contraptions that were built in the race for flight that eventually led to the Wright brother’s successful invention. Teams are encouraged to let their imaginations run wild as they design a flying machine out of a flatbed cart, cardboard and other materials.  Although only one “pilot” will ride in the contraption towed by two other teammates, your entire team will have the chance to participate in touch-and-go activities along the airstrip in their quest for the best “flight” time.

In-Flight Movies

Top Gun, Airplane, Pearl Harbor, North By Northwest—all movies that have memorable flight scenes.  Will your group be able to create and act in a movie that will stand the test of time?  Teams are given iPads to use as video cameras before flying off to explore Fantasy of Flight and draw inspiration from all the great experiences and backdrops available throughout. This creative challenge wraps up with a viewing and awards ceremony in the briefing room.

Earn Your Wings

In order to earn your wings as a pilot, you have to pass written, verbal and practical tests in the air.  In this activity, teams stay grounded, but they must still take part in a series of written tests such as puzzles and clues; verbal tests such as trivia and music; and practical tests that are slightly more physical in nature.  This activity can take place at team tables to enhance a dinner event.  Or, teams can venture out on foot to find “instructors” throughout the attraction who will put them to the test.  The team with the most points earns their wings and the title of top gun!

Reconnaissance Mission

Teams go on patrol to observe attractions throughout Fantasy of Flight. During their sortie, they may have to identify what is pictured in extreme close-up photos and fill in missing information to complete the missions outlined during their briefing.  The ultimate goal of this hunt is to be the first team to identify the top-secret headquarters of the enemy!

On The Nose

Since WWII, colorful images have appeared on the nose sections of American military aircraft. Teams compete to see if they’ll be able to find all of the nose art pictured in a handout and state where it can be found throughout the attraction.  Next, they keep this tradition alive by giving a name to their crew’s plane and creating the art that best represents their crew—or a company theme—on the piece of sheet metal provided to them. They may even want to create an insignia for “the kills” they’ve logged over their competitors!

That’s Entertainment

Back in 1941—three months after the USO was formed—Bob Hope led a group of celebrities to perform for airmen.  Now it’s time for your group to carry on the tradition.  Will your team choose to perform a song and dance routine?  A comedy skit?  Anything goes—but will your team make the cut?

“Crop” Dusters

Teams build miniature “planes” out of the K’nex parts supplied, but the base must be made out of crops—fruit and vegetables, that is! Will they build a Pea-17? A Bell Pepper 47G Helicopter? “Aircraft” must be ready to take off down a runway by a set time.  The first one to fly off the end of the runway wins that heat and goes on to fly in a final race.

Care Packages

Teams show our service men and women that they care by stuffing care packages and writing thank you notes for the United Service Organization to distribute. Teams also compete in challenges to win bonus items to make their care packages extra special!

Flight of Imagination

Part of Fantasy of Flight’s mission statement reads, “We all fly in our dreams… and when we awake… we long for that inner freedom.”  Learn how to free your creativity, so you can turn your dreams into reality! Teams enjoy an entertaining speech on how to raise their creativity quotient.  Then, they put the lesson to the test by imagining and building a prototype for a new product that will revolutionize their industry.

Communication Is Key

Communication is essential when flying, whether it’s between the plane and the tower, the pilot and his wingman, etc.  It’s also essential in the world of business.  Trainer Dave Mitchell, a sought-after international speaker with a Masters Degree in Human Resources, will shares valuable information with the group about how to recognize and relate unique communication styles of your colleagues and customers to ensure your business takes off!

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