A ride & drive is just that – an opportunity for a dealership’s sales team to experience the comfort, technology and performance of new vehicles to gain first hand knowledge they can then pass on to clients.

IMG_5573We were pleased this month to welcome Hyundai to The Venues at Fantasy of Flight for their dealer Ride & Drive. Dealers from all over the Southeast descended upon Fantasy of Flight to receive training  and hands-on experience on the new 2016 Hyundai Santa Fe and 2016 Hyundai Tucson.

IMG_2989After a quick breakfast of pastries, berry-yogurt parfaits, and sliced fruit inside the Compass Rose, the Hyundai Ride & Drive sales teams headed off to the Officers’ Club for orientation where they were given materials and instructions to guide them through the Ride & Drive experience.

After orientation, guests headed out to the tracks. Our Orlampa Conference Center Ramp and North/South Hangar Ramps converted into driving courses for Comfort, Technology, and Performance where the sales teams were able to get behind the wheel competing in contests to help show the vehicles performance capabilities.

IMG_5559Having worked up an appetite during all that driving, guests then returned to the Compass Rose for a buffet lunch before making their way into the North Hangar to the Hyundai Proving Grounds Exploratorium. Inside the exploratorium, sales teams were able to get up close and personal with details that make their vehicles different including manufacturing, vehicle technology, and styling.

This was the last stop on the Hyundai Proving Grounds tour for 2015 and we hear it was the best one yet. Thanks Hyundai for choosing The Venues at Fantasy of Flight.

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Impeccable service and restaurant-quality cuisine can transform a basic banquet dinner into a memorable dining experience. We work with a passionate team that will ensure your next soiree is perfect to the last bite. We invite you to learn more about our “Friendors” and how they help keep clients coming back for seconds!

Today, we spotlight our exclusive caterer who boasts creative cuisine with superior service!

PS_Logo-tag_blackchampagne_SMALLPuff ‘n Stuff Catering offers a variety of gourmet cuisine including continental, American, ethnic, vegetarian, and vegan, and can accommodate any dietary restrictions with style! Presentation is a priority to their chefs and they take great care to select vessels and plateware that inspire. Fresh, restaurant-inspired cuisine is their passion and it’s their goal to bring creative food to the forefront of each event. Quality cuisine is the star, and excellent service is the spotlight that allows it to shine.

John Durkee

John Durkee, Special Events Planner., Puff ‘n Stuff

In between a bustling schedule coordinating events at Central Florida’s most elite venues, John Durkee, Special Events Planner for Puff ‘n Stuff filled us in on what’s hot, what’s coming, and what makes Puff ‘n Stuff different from others and the perfect pairing for The Venues at Fantasy of Flight.

What inspired you to join the hospitality industry?

Mom & Community; as a toddler I was on a chair next to Mom “helping” her with cooking and baking.  Baking is my favorite; I still make pie crust from scratch!  Growing up with Community and Church involvement with festivals, bazaar/fairs, celebrations and fellowship planted a deep seed of Hospitality, one that grows to this day.

What makes Puff ‘n Stuff different from other local caterers?

We specialize in unique, customized menus tailored specifically for our clients’ taste, budget and event type. We draw inspiration from our client/group; favorite food, event goals and personality. After, we create a Custom Proposal within the tastes and parameters of the client. We strive to service Restaurant Fresh Style food at each and every event.  We are also the only Caterer in Central Florida with a dedicated Convention Department

What are some current food trends you are seeing? Have any of them surprised you?

  • Farm to Fork: Local Souring
  • Combination of sophisticated palate and upscale comfort food
  • Healthy Eating: Vegan/Vegetarian /Gluten Free & Infused flavors
  • Surprise:  The Ice Pop!!   They are a creation dating back to the 1920’s.  Popsicle flavors from tropical, vanilla and coffee to margarita, Sangria and, Baileys & Cream!  Are “Popping” up all over the place; who knew!?

What questions should a meeting or event planner be asking their caterer?

  • Are you familiar with the Venue? And are there any hidden ‘challenges’ to be aware of
  • What are your onsite food prep procedures?
  • Do you source from local farms?
  • How do you handle dietary restrictions?

Name (3) things that a planner should keep in mind when selecting a menu

  1.  Know the client/guest profile and preferences
  2. Align priorities with budget (Three must haves for the event is a good starting point)
  3. Service Style & Time line

 What do you think is going to be the “next big thing” in terms of event food service?

Creative Catering! With the speed of change in recent years, the pace of technology will continue to accelerate; the sky is the limit.  Healthy foods will continue with an environmental focus and personalized touches.

Ahi-Tuna-Lotus-Root-Chip_John-Unrue-PhotographyThank you John and Puff ‘n Stuff for filling us in and being such a great “Friendor”!

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Here at The Venues at Fantasy of Flight we love fall wedding season, especially when working with a couple as wonderful as Laura and Damon.

Photo Provided by

Photo Provided by

Laura and Damon hosted 100 of their closest friends and family members for a heartfelt ceremony performed by Laura’s aunt inside our North Hangar in front of our P-51 Mustangs and surrounded by vintage aircraft.



Photo provided by

Photo provided by

After the ceremony, guests retired to the Compass Rose for a cocktail hour featuring craft beers hand selected by the Bride & Groom while the newlywed couple and their bridal party posed for photographer Rania Marie (who also provided these gorgeous photos) alongside our vintage aircraft .



Photo provided by

Guests were then treated to the couple’s first dance as husband and wife  inside the Art Deco Compass Rose Rotunda followed by a delicious meal prepared by our exclusive partner Puff ‘n Stuff Catering  served in The Lounge. In a non-traditional twist the Bride and Groom offered an ice cream sundae bar instead of a traditional cake cutting before opening up the dance floor. Jason with Xclusive Deejays  emceed the event and kept the party going until it was time to wish Laura & Damon well as they left to begin their new life as husband and wife.

Photo provided by

Photo provided by

Congratulations Laura & Damon! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness together! Thank you for allowing The Venues at Fantasy of Flight to be a part of your special day!



Fantasy of Flight is more than just an event venue. We are also a photographer or filmmakers dream! Featuring multiple venues and locations to choose from and a vast selection of vintage aircraft we make the perfect backdrop for a romantic engagement sitting or fun filled family session.

Today’s Flashback Friday comes from Marissa Moss Photography who utilized Fantasy of Flight for two gorgeous sessions in 2014.

Lorrie & Nate utilized not only our vintage aircraft, but also took advantage of our landmark water tower and beautiful grass runways!



See more images from Lorrie & Nate’s Engagement Session

The Bild Family had a fun themed shoot complete with bomber jackets and lots of energy.

BildFamily_04 BildFamily_28

See more images from The Bild Family Session

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A creative and unique event is something attendees will talk about for years to come! We have assembled a terrific team that can bring life to your themed event. We invite you to learn more about our “Friendors” and how they help us create your once in a lifetime event!

Today, we spotlight an innovative vendor that specializes in making your event fully customizable!

Wico_4C_TaglineWizard Connection is a full-service dream team of creative innovators. With years of successful event planning and production experience, they know the ins and outs of creative event production. Featuring specialists in LED Lighting, Ice Carving, and Foliage, this dynamic team of experts can create custom lighting effects, ice bars, and lush foliage to bring your concept to fruition.

Peaches Decker, Senior Account Executive and Richard Painter, Vice President of Sales and Marketing took time out of their busy schedules producing one-of-a-kind events to answer a few of our questions. FInd out below why Wizard Connection ‘s partnership with The Venues at Fantasy of Flight just makes sense.

What inspired you to join the hospitality industry?

Knowing the challenge was going to be something different every day, and being able use creativity to bring out success and gratification.

What makes Wizard Connection different from other décor companies?

We are a complete event design and event production company, that is continuing to evolve and grow with every facet of the industry.

What are some current décor trends you are seeing? Have any of them surprised you?

No surprises really.  Many of the trends are cyclical – they just have a different undertones.

What questions should a meeting or event planner be asking their décor company?

It’s funny because the planner should actually have a specific direction from their initial meeting with their (end) client – if anything they would have the answers to our questions.  If not, that’s where our design experience comes in and we can (help) create an event from concept to execution.

Name (3) things that a planner should keep in mind when determining their décor needs.

Budget, theme and layout…(and lighting)

What do you think is going to be the “next big thing” in terms of event décor?

Technology always brings in the next big thing.  But as mentioned earlier, with trends and themes being so cyclical – e.g. vintage classicLounge – the undertones change (texture, color, etc), the next big thing is how to make your version, your vision original and successful.

Thank you Peaches and Richard for taking time to answer our questions and for being a fabulous “Friendor”!

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