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For Fantasy of Flight founder Kermit Weeks, the opening of his aviation-themed attraction has been a natural extension of a lifelong, unbounded passion for aviation and aircraft. Read more

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I find myself… living a fairy tale… on a yellow brick road… that continues… to unfold before me. Kermit Weeks Once upon a time… there was a little boy… Read more

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Hear from Kermit himself about projects, progress, and personal experiences. Visit now

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Find gifts for people of all ages, whether they are aviation enthusiasts or not. Browse our selection of apparel, toys, puzzles and other items developed by Kermit Weeks. Visit now


Since the dawn of time… Man has been fascinated by flight. That fascination… is a physical reflection… Of what we all long to return to. Read more

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Discover the story behind Fantasy of Flight, Orlampa, and our “Dream Shop”. Read more