So, you have opened a great new business venture or created a life changing product that you are ready to send out into the world . . . but how do you get the word out? You host an EPIC launch party. Here we give you 5 tips to consider for creating a launch party that will keep your industry buzzing long after last call!

LED Dining Table featured inside authentic WWII era immersive environmentBook A Unique Venue

Typically guests attending these types of parties attend many within the year and a “been there and done that” mindset is common. Book a unique and unexpected venue to guarantee you have maximum guest attendance. Think outside of the traditional ballroom or restaurant – museums, breweries, art galleries, warehouses, or historic locations can make the perfect backdrop and ensure that attendees keep talking about you and your product.

Know Your Audience

It is imperative to know the key players in your industry. Take time cultivating your guest list. You’ll need to know more than basic demographics: identify the decision makers, influencers, and opportunities and their hot buttons, likes, and habits. Don’t underestimate social media. If you are looking to get your product to the masses, Social Media Influencers have an entire fan base waiting to hear their thoughts on new products – we are talking millions of subscribers and BILLIONS of views.

Singer dressed as vintage flight attendantSet A Clear Objective

What is your end goal? What do you want people to do or say about you or your product? How can you measure the results? Of course you want them to remember that they just attended a great bash, but you also don’t want them to forget why they were there. Keep your objective in mind as you plan all of the elements so your event remains focused.

Stay On Theme

A great theme can really help you deliver a WOW when it is carried throughout the entire party. A great event should engage all of the senses and knock guests off center. How can you tie your theme into your entertainment, experiences, centerpieces, décor, lighting, food, beverage, swag? Most importantly, how does the theme connect to your product?

Make It Exclusive

Everyone loves to feel important and creating an exclusive environment is the number one way to achieve that goal. A carefully cultivated guest list, a venue where your guests are the only priority and special swag bags to take home at the end of the night help make certain your guests feel the love!

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