Finding a Home in Orlampa

The original Weeks Air Museum opened its doors at the Tamiami Airport in 1985. But by opening day, the collection had already outgrown the space, so Kermit started seeking new property to suit his collection…

Deep Roots and a Bright Beacon

Whether you arrive at Fantasy of Flight by land or air, during the day or night, you will find yourself steering in the direction of the magnificent 250,000 gallon, red and white checkerboard water tower, a prominent landmark soaring over the facility at more than 150' tall.

The "Dream Shop"

Behind everything you experience at Fantasy of Flight lies Kermit Weeks' vision and the emphasis he places in preserving vintage aircraft. Asked what he sees as his priority in restoration, Kermit replies, "The value in…

Fantasy of Flight's Immersion Environments

How did the Immersion Environments come about? What is their source?