Finding a Home in Orlampa

The original Weeks Air Museum opened its doors at the Tamiami Airport in 1985. But by opening day, the collection had already outgrown the space, so Kermit started seeking new property to suit his collection (large) and his vision (even larger!). However, it wasn’t going to be easy. Kermit aligned three criteria in order fulfill his vision:

1. Good tourist access
2. Enough land for a 5,000 foot runway
3. Access to a body of water for flying vintage seaplanes

After considerable searching, Kermit found just the right spot and purchased it in 1987. It took four years to attain approvals to build the runways and one monster hurricane in Miami to shake up the collection.

1993 saw the first shovel turned for the runways. Champagne corks flew. In two short years, the construction of the main hangars was accomplished and Fantasy of Flight was born! And so was Orlampa: home to the World’s Greatest Aircraft Collection.