Deep Roots and a Bright Beacon

Whether you arrive at Fantasy of Flight by land or air, during the day or night, you will find yourself steering in the direction of the magnificent 250,000 gallon, red and white checkerboard water tower, a prominent landmark soaring over the facility at more than 150' tall.


A crane adds the beacon to the water tower in 1995.

Built in 1993-4 to a period design, the tower is rooted in massive underground pads of concrete totaling 200 cubic yards.

As with every element of Fantasy of Flight, the water tower had to conform to a design rationale that fit the vision of owner/creator Kermit Weeks.

He says it best: “Not only does the Fantasy of Flight water tower give us the pressure and volume we need to meet the fire sprinkler codes, it serves as a great navigational beacon. Its distinct period red and white checkerboard paint job is very easily seen during the day and, at night, the original WWII red and white rotating beacon distinctly stands out from the other local modern airport beacons which are green and white. They don’t make water towers like this anymore. It cost more to make it look old than it would have been to build a brand new one!”