Got a chance to check on the progress of our FG-1D Corsair project while on a trip to Australia.  The project is owned by the not-for-profit organization I started back in 1979.  Originally named the Weeks Air Museum, it has now been renamed the World’s Greatest Aircraft Collection to reflect a broader and more inclusive purpose.  I purchased the project in the 1980’s from a gentleman in Seattle, WA and later donated it to the organization.

Checking out the progress on the Main Spar

The airplane appeared in the racing scene after WWII and sported the name “Joe” on the side .  It had an extra fuel tank installed behind the cockpit and was used in the Bendix race from LA to Cleveland.  It’s a fairly complete project but had a corroded upper spar cap that needed to be replaced.  A Warbird restorer in Australia had a project with the wings cut off and needed a good center-section to build a jig for his.

We struck a deal where he would replace our spar cap for the use of our center-section.  While apart, we paid for any additional restoration work that needed to be done, which included a new firewall and attending to some minor corrosion.  All the work has been done except for the final manufacture and installation of the new spar cap and then reassembly.

It should be a fairly straight forward restoration from here on out.  I’m sure my restoration team will begin to get excited about the project once we get it back to Fantasy of Flight.