Writing by the fire at my ski condo in the mountains of Utah.

Worked over the Christmas holidays (2010) on my book The Journey Never Ends about my metaphysical experiences and, judging by the title, the Journey of writing this book WILL NEVER END!  While most of the writing is done, I was “led” to include some simple illustrations to help describe my point of views while exploring “other” realities.

Now I have access to some of the best illustrators in the business that work on my children’s books, but it seemed life was about to take a turn in a direction I wasn’t expecting.  I realized I needed to scratch out some basic drawings anyway for an artist to get the feel of what I wanted so, no big deal as I had done this for All of Life is a School. Well, after including some them in a few early chapters for my friends to read, they all insisted that I NEEDED TO DO THEM!  I got comments like, “They’re a reflection of your energy!”  “They’re precious . . . they’re so . . . you!”

“What . . . you’re kidding . . . I can’t draw!”  They weren’t.  I hadn’t drawn anything beyond a stick figure since third grade!  But after being reminded my whole Fantasy of Flight concept is about pushing your boundaries and realizing the untapped potential within, I found I didn’t have much of an argument.  I figured I needed to do some basic drawings anyway, in case I ended up using a “real” artist, so I began to scratch out where I felt the book needed them during the next editing pass.

Oh my God . . . I had no idea where this was all headed.  By the time I got to the end the book there were . . . Are you ready for this? . . . Over a THOUSAND drawings!  So, in case you’ve been wondering why the book isn’t finished . . . this is my excuse!

My best ice cream cone!

I continue to work on them when I get the chance.  The problem is . . . by the time I got to the end of the book with my first pass, my drawings began to improve and now I feel the need to go back and redo many of them.  They’re still pretty simple, and I’m not going to give Rembrandt or Michaelangelo a run for their money anytime soon . . . but it has been a fun yet frustrating experience.

Pretty basic, but do the job!

Simple, yet capture all that I need to get across!

With the addition of all the drawings embedded in the text, the book is now over 1500 pages!  I will have to deal the publishing issue when I get it all done.  We’ll see.  Like life . . . I have no idea where this is all headed, or when it will finally get finished.  All I can do is follow the energies and do the best I can.  I’ve finally realized it’s not my timetable and things, like Fantasy of Flight and this book, have to manifest in their own time.


Teresa and I recently celebrated our 10-year Wedding Annversary.  But then again, that’s nothing new, for not only do we celebrate it every year, WE REDO IT EVERY YEAR!

When we initially planned the wedding, we wanted to invite family and friends out to Sedona but life had a different plan.  It seemed every time we tried to set up or plan something, it wouldn’t work out or the energy wouldn’t feel right.  In the end, we realized we were supposed to do it by ourselves.  I wrote the ceremony, came up with Teresa’s dress design, and was the official wedding photographer using a tripod and a timer.  NO ONE ELSE WAS THERE!

In Arizona, you only need five signatures to make a marriage legal: the bride, the groom, someone legally recognized by the state, and two witnesses.  We did the ceremony ourselves at sunset on our vacant property and toasted with some champagne as the stars came out.  We then visited the local magistrate’s house where we had pre-agreed to do the five signatures.  Unfortunately, only his wife was at home so we loaded up the magistrate and headed to the Rainbow’s End, a local bar where we had planned to celebrate with a band that night.  We grabbed two bouncers and, five signatures later, were legally married!

The next day we headed off to the South Pacific on our honeymoon, which included Turtle Island in Fiji, Bora Bora in Tahiti, and Easter Island.  When we came home three weeks later, it was then that we had a big party with all our family and friends.  Since our May 2000 wedding, Teresa and I have gone back every year to Sedona on our anniversary and redone our wedding!

The story of Teresa and myself has unfolded with a story that is beyond a fairy tale.  I hope to share much of it in my book The Journey Never Ends, which I’m still working on and will happen in its own time.  Our daughter Katie has been the only other person to witness our ceremony and it’s interesting that, as the fairy tale unfolded, we found out Teresa was pregnant with Katie the morning of our 3rd Anniversary! Initially, while redoing the ceremony, Teresa used to hold her, then, as she got older, would walk out with her.  Now Katie sits in a folding chair and takes pictures from afar.  She always asks, “Mommy, are you gonna cry again?” We always do . . . and once you know the story . . . you will too!


About a year ago, I was invited to join friends and family on a trip to Egypt and go down the Nile.  I didn’t go out of my way to set this up, it just unfolded before me.  I was intrigued with visiting because I had been shown I had a past life connection to the Egyptian Dynasty days.  The first time this surfaced was when having a massage over a decade ago.  I was face down, very relaxed, and all of a sudden a visual flashed in my mind’s eye of the same massage therapist working on me during the days of the Pharoahs.  I picked my head up and mentioned this whereupon her jaw dropped and she very excitedly announced, “I can’t believe it, I was just been wondering how I knew you in a past life!” This was my first indication.

Years later, while attending week-long sessions at the Monroe Institute exploring consciousness, this past life connection to Egypt came up again several times.  This will all be included in the book I’m writing of my experiences called The Journey Never Ends!

About five months before the trip I had the reading with Kevin Blackwell mentioned in an earlier blog post, which you should check out.  One of the past lives I was interested getting information on was this Egyptian connection.  Not only did Kevin nail what I already knew, he gave me additional information to the point I have a very good idea exactly who I was!  So, you can see why I was intrigued to visit.

Prior to going, I read about eight books on Egyptian history and was amazed how much they influenced later cultures and religions.  I won’t go into details here but I got some interesting information and messages while I was there.  One highlight was getting to meditate in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid, which I seem to have connections to.  Another was having an owner of a rather nice carpet store come up to me with a quizzical look saying, “I know you from somewhere!” I had never seen this guy before and told him I had never been to his shop.  He said, “No, no . . . from a past life!” People around me that I had mentioned this past life connection to Egypt previously were blown away!

I continue to tell people I’m living a fairy tale that keeps unfolding before me in the most amazing ways.  My dream is to create a place where others can self-discover themselves through entertainment, which is what Fantasy of Flight and Orlampa are all about, although we’ve not yet morphed into what we will become.  Keep an eye on our progress.

As far as my book goes, I’m pretty much done with the introduction and the first ten chapters and have been trying to find the time to finish the summary.  There is so much information, it’s like hearding a bunch of cats!  I’ve begun to let several other people read it for for editing purposes.

I’m hoping when my book finally comes out they won’t lock me up in a padded cell!  We’ll see.  I always heard if you were poor and crazy you were senile . . . but if you were well-off and crazy . . . then you were eccentric!


I’m excited that we finally got the sign up and some benches installed for our new Fantasy of Flight Labyrinth.  It is located adjacent to the Fantasy of Flight parking lot and will be open to the public during operating hours.  The grass is growing in and our only final touch will be to put an archway over the entrance gate to mark its location and make it more inviting.

I first learned of Labyrinths while attending the Monroe Institute and this particular shape is a copy of theirs.  I found it an amazing tool for inner reflection and guidance and the many experiences I had in the Monroe Labyrinth will be included in the book I am writing called The Journey Never Ends!

Click on the picture to enlarge the text as the sign says it all!


I was recently introduced, somewhat synchronistically, to a gentleman named Kevin Blackwell through a roommate I had at The Monroe Institute.  As I have indicated in several previous Blog Posts, I have been working on my book “The Journey Never Ends!”, which is about my two-year, ten-Program experience there.  I have been slowly making progress on the Summary, which has been like herding cats because of all the material.  I recently gave the Introduction and first three Chapters to the President and the Director of The Monroe Institute for approval of my format for the book, which includes a lot of TMI proprietary material.

Anyway, something was telling me I was supposed to go see Kevin, who reportedly had a talent for connecting with people from the past . . . potentially, anybody!  I proceeded cautiously but realized, if he did have this talent, he could confirm several interesting past life connections I learned about during my inner explorations at The Monroe Institute.  Some would be considered controversial in the best of circumstances so I followed where the energies were leading me and contacted Kevin by email.  I told him I wanted to try something different than what he might be used to and, if he was truly connected, my approach would work.

I told him I wanted to make four connections but did not elaborate.  They could have been anybody but they were actually all me.  Prior to arriving at his home in Santa Fe, NM I wrote the four alleged past life connections on a piece of paper and put it away.  He knew NOTHING of my intent and I sensed, if this was truly meant to be, he would be given whatever information I was to receive from an objective and non-bias perspective.  Just before we began I asked, “Oh, by the way, could you please do them in chronological order?” We spent the whole day doing the readings.

Not only did he nail the order, he confirmed much of the information I received at Monroe and elaborated on them even further!  We were both blown away by the information as well as the experience.  His readings have now become a 64-page Appendix item in my book!

Several months after the readings I had the opportunity to show Kevin around Fantasy of Flight and treat him to a ride in the P-51D.  If you want to learn more about Kevin he has several interesting clips on Youtube.


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