When we got the new trolley’s for our future Storage Bay Tours across the street, my GM for Fantasy of Flight, Kim Long, decided to try a Florida History and Citrus Tour, as many tourists come from overseas and are fascinated by both.

One of our two Trolleys . . . The Orlampa Express . . . touring the Groves!

Turned out, several of our employees were Florida-born “Crackers.”  Not only were they a wealth of information . . . they both now do the tours!

Currently we do two tours a day from the normal Fantasy of Flight entrance, which tour through much of my Orlampa property.  A tour last about an hour and cost about $10 for an adult.  Come on out and check it out!


About a year ago, I was invited to join friends and family on a trip to Egypt and go down the Nile.  I didn’t go out of my way to set this up, it just unfolded before me.  I was intrigued with visiting because I had been shown I had a past life connection to the Egyptian Dynasty days.  The first time this surfaced was when having a massage over a decade ago.  I was face down, very relaxed, and all of a sudden a visual flashed in my mind’s eye of the same massage therapist working on me during the days of the Pharoahs.  I picked my head up and mentioned this whereupon her jaw dropped and she very excitedly announced, “I can’t believe it, I was just been wondering how I knew you in a past life!” This was my first indication.

Years later, while attending week-long sessions at the Monroe Institute exploring consciousness, this past life connection to Egypt came up again several times.  This will all be included in the book I’m writing of my experiences called The Journey Never Ends!

About five months before the trip I had the reading with Kevin Blackwell mentioned in an earlier blog post, which you should check out.  One of the past lives I was interested getting information on was this Egyptian connection.  Not only did Kevin nail what I already knew, he gave me additional information to the point I have a very good idea exactly who I was!  So, you can see why I was intrigued to visit.

Prior to going, I read about eight books on Egyptian history and was amazed how much they influenced later cultures and religions.  I won’t go into details here but I got some interesting information and messages while I was there.  One highlight was getting to meditate in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid, which I seem to have connections to.  Another was having an owner of a rather nice carpet store come up to me with a quizzical look saying, “I know you from somewhere!” I had never seen this guy before and told him I had never been to his shop.  He said, “No, no . . . from a past life!” People around me that I had mentioned this past life connection to Egypt previously were blown away!

I continue to tell people I’m living a fairy tale that keeps unfolding before me in the most amazing ways.  My dream is to create a place where others can self-discover themselves through entertainment, which is what Fantasy of Flight and Orlampa are all about, although we’ve not yet morphed into what we will become.  Keep an eye on our progress.

As far as my book goes, I’m pretty much done with the introduction and the first ten chapters and have been trying to find the time to finish the summary.  There is so much information, it’s like hearding a bunch of cats!  I’ve begun to let several other people read it for for editing purposes.

I’m hoping when my book finally comes out they won’t lock me up in a padded cell!  We’ll see.  I always heard if you were poor and crazy you were senile . . . but if you were well-off and crazy . . . then you were eccentric!


skip1I had the pleasure to show Skip Atwater and his wife Fay around Fantasy of Flight recently.  Skip was the head of the Top Secret Remote Viewing  called Star Gate. It was a Black Project he ran from 1977 through 1988 and was a psychic espionage program run by the US government to counteract the program the Russians had.  Remote Viewing was used as part of our intelligence gathering efforts and became a useful tool once they understood how it worked and developed it.

After retiring from the Army, Skip was asked by the Monroe Institute to teach a program on Remote Viewing which he accepted.  Bob Monroe began the Institute and wrote the first book on out-of-body experiences in the early 1970’s called Adventures Beyond the Body and popularized the acronym OBE.

I had always been fascinated with the worlds around us we don’t see and after several years of trying began to have out-of-body experiences in my early twenties.  I had the chance to attend all ten main Monroe Institute Programs over the last couple years and Skip was my instructor for the Remote Viewing Program.  It was fascinating to say the least.  Skip is currently President of the Monroe Institute and you can learn more about it at http://www.monroeinstitute.org.

I have been working diligently on a book of my Monroe experiences called The Journey Never Ends and hope to get it printed some time later this year.  It describes an amazing journey into the exploration of consciousness and Other Realities that was nothing short of phenomenal!  I began recording my experiences after the second Program while they were actually happening and intend to have a website with free downloads of selected experiences to help the readers sense what I was experiencing at the time.  This should enhance the book tremendously as readers will begin to hear my voice as the words come off the pages.  Anyone reading the book will never look at Reality the same again!

Skip was fascinated with my concept for Orlampa and what I am beginning to create.  During my Vision Tour he got a chance to listen to the Spitfire Audio Experience while actually sitting in the cockpit.  When it was over and I opened the cockpit door, he looked over at me and said, “I get it!” Skip and I also got a chance to talk about how my book might help the Monroe Institute cause.  He was very kind and willing to review my notes for his program for any technical details I might have misunderstood about the Remote Viewing material.  To polish off his visit I gave him a ride in the P-51D Mustang!



The Wizard of Orlampa DVD is now for sale in the Fantasy of Flight gift shop.  It’s 51 minutes long and begins with what we currently do at Fantasy of Flight regarding the airplane collection then slowly morphs into where Fantasy of Flight is headed in the future.

Check out a quick preview of the beginning of the show at http://www.wizardoforlampa.com.  The site is just preliminary and we currently don’t have our online sales set up yet.  If you don’t get out to Fantasy of Flight to pick one up, check back from time to time on the website.  We just ordered some DVD’s in the European PAL type version, which will be available as well.

Currently, we are working with two different PBS outlets for show on television and will let everyone know when that might happen.


I am excited we have one of the first bronze castings of a sculpture I commissioned early last year.  It is about a foot and a half high and will be titled “Fantasy of Flight”.   And while it looks similar to Icraus it is not exactly.  Icarus was a young boy that flew too close to the Sun, his wax wings melted, and he crashed into the sea.

This sculpture symbolizes Humanity reaching beyond itself and about to take the leap to rise to a Higher Level.  Six more have been cast and we are currently playing with different patina’s, which is the color process we can give to the bronze.

You will notice there are still straps attaching the wings that are similar in dark color to the Earth it is about to leave.  This symbolizes Humanity still being bonded to this lower Reality.  The body is a medium color and the wings will be the lightest color symbolizing a Higher Reality.  We are currently doing some of the  wings in gold-leaf .

If you’ll notice, the wings are actually beginning to morph into the body, symbolizing Humanity beginning to morph into a Higher Dimensional Being.

This is the first pass at a much bigger dream.   We hope to sell these in our gift shop in both bronze and also in less expensive resin.  We are currently working towards a rotating round base that will also have the definition of Fantasy of Flight inscribed which is, “That which draws us beyond what we think we are . . . to become more of what we Truly Are!”

Our next attempt will be to refine this sculpture into a full-size one that would be displayed outside.  The biggest dream will one day be a 60 to 80 foot Icon welcoming you as you drive off of the Interstate and into the “Orlampa” property.  As you drive north, it will be coming at you as it reaches south towards the Sun.  The Sun will symbolize the “Star” in the Fantasy of Flight logo and can represent whatever you want it to be.  That could be a Dream, a Goal, or a Destiny!