WWI DH-4 on display in Fantasy of Flight Hangar

Our second DH-4 arrived recently, which concludes a trade I made several years ago.  This new addition was built from original plans and represents the only American-built airplane to see action in the First World War.  It was of British design but used an American 400hp Liberty engine.

This is our second DH-4, the first being a rebuilt original DH-4 Mailplane that has been at Fantasy of Flight on display in the Wood Shop for several years now. Part of the trade included several airplane projects I had that were duplicates and supplying 3 static Liberty engines from the many in the collection.  During the engine build-up process, we set aside enough good parts for two runnable engines, as we intend to fly both aircraft.  Unfortunately, we have plenty to do before turning our attention to the DeHavillands but, at least, they are both currently on display until we do!