I recently got a chance to tour George Griffith around Fantasy of Flight and share my Vision of where we’re headed.  George has been connected to The Monroe Institute (TMI) since just before its founder, Bob Monroe, passed away at 80 in 1995.  George is the current Chairman of the Board and was recommended by the President, Skip Atwater, he needed to meet me and visit Fantasy of Flight as a “must see” stop!  I was honored both Skip and George took the time to come by and see the potential of what we’re trying to accomplish.

Blog-Shot-w-George-GriffithDuring George’s visit, I also got a chance to tell him about the progress on my Book “The Journey Never Ends,” which is a ten-Program chronicle of my exploration of consciousness experiences at TMI over a two-year period.  I’ve pretty much finished the beginning of the Book and am narrowing down on the editing of the ten-Program Chapters.  Most of this process is just going over and over the material making small editing changes.  My main hurdle will be to corral in all this information into a great summary, which I currently have in rough form.  I made significant progress on a recent vacation while in the mountains of Utah and am looking forward to finding the time to finish it up.  There will be a number of  approvals I’ll need to get from The Monroe Institute, as some of the information in the Book included is proprietary.

I feel this Book has tremendous potential to help the Monroe cause as well as anyone that reads it.  I hope to have a completed manuscript before the end of the year to submit for their approval.  Regardless, of whether it becomes public, or not, it was an amazing journey for me that was nothing short of phenomenally transformational!


blog-shot-kermit-and-franceen-with-storchI had the opportunity to show one of my Monroe Institute Trainers, Franceen King, around Fantasy of Flight last weekend.  Franceen was a trainer for three of the eleven Monroe Programs I took over the last few years and has the second longest tenure as a Monroe Trainer of almost two and a half decades.  I gave her the Vision Tour and let her sit in the Po-2 and Spirit of St. Louis reproduction and listen to the Audio Experiences for each plane.  Later, I flew Airplane of the Day in the Fiesler Storch and gave her a ride.  Between making fly-bys for the crowd, I pointed out Orlampa from the air.

She actually developed the Programs I took with her called Exploration 27 and Starlines 1 & 2 and has been involved in consciousness exploration for many years.  She lives in the local Florida area and before I met her had already visited Fantasy of Flight with her father, who was a pilot during WWII as well as her husband.  She told me when she first arrived and read my saying on the entrance wall, “She felt I was a kindred spirit!”  It was not long after that we first met during my sixth Program at The Monroe Institute.

Franceen was kind enough to help me edit some of the more technical material for the Starlines Chapters of my book The Journey Never Ends, which encompasses ten of the Monroe Programs I took during 2006 and 2007.  Several of my more profound experiences happened during her Programs that we nothing short of phenomenal.  There are other mentions about the Monroe Institute in my blog but you can check it out further at www.monroeinstitute.org.

As far as the book goes, I am pretty much done with the Introduction and the ten Program Chapters and am currently trying to get my head and arms around all the material for the Summary.  It is currently 1250 pages and over 650,000 words so don’t expect to read it all in one sitting!  I have several get-away trips planned to work on it over the summer and am still hoping to finish it by the end of this year.  

One thing I can assure you . . . anyone that reads this book will NEVER look at reality the same again!


skip1I had the pleasure to show Skip Atwater and his wife Fay around Fantasy of Flight recently.  Skip was the head of the Top Secret Remote Viewing  called Star Gate. It was a Black Project he ran from 1977 through 1988 and was a psychic espionage program run by the US government to counteract the program the Russians had.  Remote Viewing was used as part of our intelligence gathering efforts and became a useful tool once they understood how it worked and developed it.

After retiring from the Army, Skip was asked by the Monroe Institute to teach a program on Remote Viewing which he accepted.  Bob Monroe began the Institute and wrote the first book on out-of-body experiences in the early 1970’s called Adventures Beyond the Body and popularized the acronym OBE.

I had always been fascinated with the worlds around us we don’t see and after several years of trying began to have out-of-body experiences in my early twenties.  I had the chance to attend all ten main Monroe Institute Programs over the last couple years and Skip was my instructor for the Remote Viewing Program.  It was fascinating to say the least.  Skip is currently President of the Monroe Institute and you can learn more about it at http://www.monroeinstitute.org.

I have been working diligently on a book of my Monroe experiences called The Journey Never Ends and hope to get it printed some time later this year.  It describes an amazing journey into the exploration of consciousness and Other Realities that was nothing short of phenomenal!  I began recording my experiences after the second Program while they were actually happening and intend to have a website with free downloads of selected experiences to help the readers sense what I was experiencing at the time.  This should enhance the book tremendously as readers will begin to hear my voice as the words come off the pages.  Anyone reading the book will never look at Reality the same again!

Skip was fascinated with my concept for Orlampa and what I am beginning to create.  During my Vision Tour he got a chance to listen to the Spitfire Audio Experience while actually sitting in the cockpit.  When it was over and I opened the cockpit door, he looked over at me and said, “I get it!” Skip and I also got a chance to talk about how my book might help the Monroe Institute cause.  He was very kind and willing to review my notes for his program for any technical details I might have misunderstood about the Remote Viewing material.  To polish off his visit I gave him a ride in the P-51D Mustang!


Having traveled around the world, then to Oshkosh and then to the west coast, I am finally home for awhile!

I just returned from San Francisco where I acquired a reproduction aircraft of the “Miss Los Angeles” Racer that is one of the characters featured in my book “All of Life is a School”.  This new addition of “Missy”  will bring the total number of characters I will have on display at Fantasy of Flight to five of ten!  I am working on a plan to display the aircraft at the Reno Air Races Septemeber 10 – 14 to help promote the book sales and have it home sometime after.

By the end of my trip I also hit a major milestone in my book “The Journey Never Ends!”  I have completed semi-final drafts of the ten main chapters that describe my experiences during the ten Monroe Insitute Programs I attended beginning in January of 2006 and ending in November 2007.  It was an unbelieveable experience  that was basically  exploration of consciousness that was nothing short of profound, phenomenol and at times unbelievable.  I have a rough Introduction and Summary as well.  I will continue to edit and proof read as time allows and hope to publish the book sometime in 2009.


As most of you know Hurricane Andrew devastated the Weeks Air Museum in Miami in August of 1992. As we were digging out of the rubble in Miami and rebuilding the Museum down there we slowly began the development of Fantasy of Flight here in Central Florida. Many of the airplanes were either sent out for repair or slowly moved to Central Florida. A new group of enthusiasts continued on with the Miami facility as the Wings Over Miami Museum.

My last flyable airplane on display in Miami was a Grumman TBM Avenger torpedo bomber. Over the years, the Hurricane damage was repaired with the intention of flying it to Fantasy of Flight. Well, last week was the big date to test fly the aircraft and hopefully bring it up. I had last flown the TBM since just before the Hurricane over 15 years ago and needed to get recurrent at the same time I was test flying the airplane as the FAA requires a re-currency check on any airplanes over 12,500 lbs. The first flight went great and my only concern was I had recently been flying my little Grumman Wildcat fighter and when I got the TBM off the ground I thought the control stick had somehow been set in concrete! I couldn’t believe how heavy the controls were compared to the Wildcat. It all slowly came back to me and I became comfortable very quickly.

While I got my recurrency check complete, I was not able to fly the airplane home as it developed some ignition problems. We had to take the magnetos off as well and order a new set of spark plugs. As soon as that is fixed, we will get the airplane up to Fantasy of Flight! I drove home with the check-pilot and we then jumped into the Ford Tri-Motor and I got recurrent in that. So, if you come to visit in the future there is a chance you may see the Grumman Wildcat, the Grumman TBM or the Ford Tri-Motor in the pattern!

I am also about to head off around the world with a first top in Maui to work on a book about my 10-Program experience at the Monroe Institute. If you think you might be interested in exploring Inner Consciousness and Out of Body experiences, check out www.monroeinstitute.org. I hope to have most the book, “The Journey Never Ends!”, edited by the end of this year.

I’m then off to New Zealand to spend some time with Peter Jackson (director of Lord of the Rings and King Kong). He is a WWI airplane nut like me and has an amazing bunch of airplanes being built up. I loaned him 3 WWI German Mercedes engines and will get to see the first one running on the stand while I’m down there. He is using them for patterns and is in process of building engines from SCRATCH! We also just send him a crankshaft for a Hisso for one of his SE-5’s he built. I hope to get to fly one while I’m there. I had also loaned him the front and rear turrets off my Lancaster Project as he is under development to redo the “Dambuster” film! He had about eight full-size Lancs built out of fiberglass. I am sure he will do a great job and can’t wait to see the film!

Then I’m off to Australia for some business meetings, but not before I stop in and look at my Kingfisher and P-39 projects in Wangaretta, north of Melbourne. I continue on to London to check on the final stages of my Hawker Tempest V project, which we are bringing up to displayable condition. Everything has been rebuilt to airworthy standards but we are currently just trying to get it displayable for Fantasy of Flight. I have two Napier Sabre engines for it and one day hope to make it fly!

I get home just in time to catch up for a few days and then head to Oshkosh to promote my book, “All of Life is a School!” It’s all about the Journey so enjoy what you love to do!


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