Last Friday I got to attend a kick off Investor Party for Air and Space Television.  It was a great event with a number of aviation and broadcasting notables in attendance.  I am happy to have been one of the original investors in this exciting endevor to bring a quality channel about flight into being.

I had been originally approached by Phil Hurst over a year ago about the idea while he was still working at the Golf Channel.  He was the first employee hired when the Golf Channel was at the stage Air & Space Channel Television is today.  Phil had a dream of using his knowledge, connections and passion for aviation to create Air & Space Television and kept me in the loop as his dream unfolded.  Recently I became one of the initial investors to help take it to the next level.  The Golf Channel was recently valued at over $1 Billion!

I have several motives for being involved.  One, I think there is a void for a product like this if delivered properly.  Second, I see it as a great opportunity and outlet for some of what Fantasy of Flight can contribute in the way of product content and direction.  And third, I want to learn and understand this business because . . . who know’s? . . . You might see a Fantasy of Flight Channel one day!

There is some great talent behind the beginnings of this so stay tuned as Air & Space Television begins to sprout its wings!