The Fantasy of Flight Audio Experience are now in CD format and are for sale in the Fantasy of Flight Gift Shop.  There are eight great stories using Aviation History that allow you to create your own history!  Each story is about eight minutes long and and are great for enthusiasts and non-aviation enthusiasts alike.  They sell for $15.95 and should be listened to with headphones for the best sound effect.

We started this project almost two years ago and it became the first project where I drew a line in the sand and told everyone that we were not going to do things as we had in the past.  Everything from that moment on must now meet our Design Mission – “To design in a way . . . that is thought-provoking, emotionally engaging, bumps you off-center, lights that Spark within, and in a way that everyone can relate to!”

By April of 2007 we had the Audio Tours up and running for rental as a upcharge.  They are in a wand format with headphones like you might rent at an art museum.  The difference in our product is that it is not a just techincal details of history and technology.  They actively engage you to think about your own life!

Since most new people now coming to Fantasy of Flight have too much to do, our sales weren’t what we had initially hoped.  I spent almost another year working to upgrade the soundscapes by upgrading the reverbs and fine tuning the background sounds.  I am very proud of the final product we have created.

For years I have been getting the “deer in the headlight” look from people when I tell them about my Vision.  This is the first product people can experience and begin to understand where Fantasy of Flight is headed.  In the end, it’s not about airplanes, history and technology.  However, we will use these as means to an end for people to Self-Discovery themselves through Entertainment!

I could try and explain what these are but you just have to experience them to understand what I’m talking about.  Since having the Audio Experiences my business associates now say, “Now I finally understand what you’re trying to do!”

Now that we have the Audio CD’s for sale in the Gift Shop we have been giving away the Audio Tour Wands to paying customers in hopes they will purchase the CD.  Our next step will be to take this Audio Experience format and adapt it to an immersive environment like our “Fightertown” simulator room to enhance the take-home value of the experience even more.

Soon, we hope to have the Audio Experience CD for sale online as well as in download form for podcasting.  This is a key direction of where Fantasy of Flight is headed, so, I hope everyone can come and experience them for themselves and see the potential of what we’re creating!

This is how I intend to create a separate Theme Park Industry based on things that re REAL!  Keep an eye of us as we’re going to set the world on fire one day!