I have been working with the EAA Merchandising Department for the Oshkosh Fly-In and they are excited that I will be at Oshkosh promoting my new book “All of Life is a School”. They have signed me up for the Author’s Corner in the main EAA Merchandising Building everyday at 1:00pm Monday through Saturday of the Fly-In (July 28th to August 2nd) to autograph books!

I understand they will also offer the book at several other merchandising locations including the EAA Museum where they plan to set up special displays for the books as well as kids Gee Bee clothing. We’ve got some cute T-shirts and dresses with Zee, Puff and Jimmy G. on them. They have asked for several life-size displays of me holding Gee Bee Zee to help promote the book, similar to what we currently have in the Fantasy of Flight Gift Shop.

I have also been in touch with the Reno Air Race people as well. They are interested in selling the book at the Air Races this year in Reno, NV September 10th – 14th. I plan to meet with them at the Oshkosh Fly-In at their display booth near Aeroshell Square to sort out the details. If it looks promising enough, I just may head out to the Races to meet and greet people and autograph books. We’ll see!

Hope to see you at Oshkosh!