The show came about when I was approached last summer by some film people out of Orlando with the idea to create a TV show. We did about five days of filming at Fantasy of Flight that showed who we are, what we are, and where we are headed. It mainly focused on myself, the Aircraft Department and what we do with the airplanes at Fantasy of Flight. It also showed a bit of my vision of what I think we can create as well.

It has to potential to serve two purposes. First, it is at a minimum a one-hour stand-alone show. Secondly, it could be seen a a possible pilot for a “reality” series. We certainly have a lot of exciting stuff happening at Fantasy of Flight, that’s for sure. I think the production value of the aircraft collection and the facility combined with my vision for what I hope to create, someone could make for an interesting show.

The WIZARD OF ORLAMPA title was actually suggested by the production company after spending a lot of time with me discussing Fantasy of Flight and what I hoped to create with it.

Many years ago there was an article in the Orlando Sentinel about me called “The Mayor of Orlampa!” I originally coined the phrase Orlampa and actually trademarked it. It is an obvious combination of Orlando and Tampa and describes our location perfectly as we are exactly halfway between. While I am the Mayor by default because I own all the property, I am striving to become a Wizard! When you see the show you will understand the metaphor.

We premiered the “Wizard of Orlampa” for the Fantasy of Flight employees and it was a big hit. We then began sending out copies to various cable networks. There has been interest but nothing conclusive yet. We’ve had some good comments from directors and producers and have no problem easily tweaking the show in the studio to make it better. Not ever having done this before, I couldn’t tell you when we might see it on the air but if something doesn’t happen soon, I will at least start selling DVD’s of it in the Gift Shop!

I wrote the theme song for the show and had it recorded at a local Florida Studio and it sounds great!

Hope you get to see it soon!