Last year I was honored by being inducted into the World Acrobatics Society Hall of Fame in Extreme Sports for my accomplishments in airplane aerobatics.  This was also partly due to  my beginning background in Gymnastics, where I competed on my High School’s first year Gymnastic Team and later went on to compete at the college level.  While I never got to the level of my flying, it was certainly an influence in my early pursuit of competition aerobatics.

One of the cool things after being inducted  was that I was now able to nominate others.  I was not aware of this until asked to do so for my category of Extreme Sports.  There was no question who that would be: my good friend Sean Tucker!  I had know Sean over the years from the flying circuit and we were Heli-ski partners for ten years.  He is, without a doubt, the most prolific solo airshow performer in the world and has dazzled millions of spectators over the years as well as given back to the aviation community by inspiring speeches as well as running a flight school to teach aerobatics, flight safety, and unusual attitudes to many pilots.

Two Extreme Sports Awardees's!

This September I was honored to return to Las Vegas to present Sean with his Award.  Go Sean!