Check out the great article in the latest Air Classics magazine by my good friend and editor Michael O’Leary.  It’s  in the Volume 44, number 10 issue on page 55 which shows a B-17 crew on the front cover.  Michael has done many photo shoots of my collection going back to the 1980’s and the Weeks Air Musem days in Miami. 

We have our site up and running!  This is our first ever Internet Marketing campaign and was the product we used to get into the Platinum Group Internet Marketing group recently mentioned. 

Our Opt-In page offers free downloadable drawings for kids to color.  After you Opt-In with your name and email you then land on our Sales Letter Page which tells you all about the book and its benefits.  At any time you can click to purchase but check it out first and read some of the great testimonials and ideas we came up with to help promote the book, which I wrote.  To see how the system works you can wait a few days to purchase and you will discover out Autoresponder will send you an email every day for the folowing ten days with reasons why you should consider the purchase!  Of course you can Opt-out at anytime at the bottom of the page.  Once you purchase, you are automatically taken off the Autoresponder list.

We also have a first attempt at a kid’s site at so check that out as well.  Particularly interesting are two short videos we did that tell about the Gee Bee “Z” and the Gee Bee R-1.  Once you click on the site wait until all the characters come up, click on Jimmy G. and it will take you to the two videos.  We’re still tweaking it but enjoy our first attempt!