I had an opportunity to check up on an investment I’ve been involved in for a number of years called Stayhealthy.  It has created state of the art devices to help you stay healthy including a pager size device that you can wear to help determine your body metabolism and a simple device to measure body fat.  This inexpensive device is on par with machines that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Other devices the company produces are kiosks where people can check different health related things in like shopping malls combined with mall advertising.  I took the opportunity to visit the Spring Hill Mall outside of Chicago to not only check out one of the kiosk locations but to sell some Gee Bee Books as well!  The products are gaining popularity and I sold out of all the books I brought!

Nice Advertising Example on Kiosk!

One of the most exciting things is a new way to measure health that will replace the BMI (body mass index), which is woefully out of date.  This is the chart you’ve probably seen at your doctors office that uses height, weight and age to somehow determine your health.  On the BMI index, I’m almost considered fat!  Amazing.  I just saw on the news President Obama just had a physical and was told the same thing!  Anyway, major companies are partnering with us and, if successful, it will allow me to expand Fantasy of Flight.  Check it out at http://www.stayhealthy.com.