Arriving in the TP-40N

I got a chance to fly my TP-40N over the the Tico Airshow this March and participate in honoring the AVG Flying Tigers.  They were the pilots that signed up to help the Chinese before America entered WWII and were forever remembered for the shark-teeth painted on the cowling.  The reason I don’t have the shark teeth painted on this airplane is because it came out later in the war and is the only factory-built dual-control TP-40 flying in the world today!  Also, we have another P-40E that does have the shark teeth on it!

Line-up of P-40's in attendance

It had been years since I had been to the show as I generally stay don’t attend them like I used to, having done so for many years.  Put on by the Valiant Air Command, the show helps support their onsite museum.

Kicked back watching the show!

Tico was the first airshow I attended back in the early 1980’s in aircraft such as the P-51D Cripes A’Mighty and my Grumman Duck.  It brought back many fond memories of my early days.

On Stage soon!

Three P-40’s, including myself, attended and it was fun to fly with them for the crowd.