Aircraft reveal their military destiny—changing the nature of warfare forever. “Ace” enters the popular vernacular and Manfred von Richthofen – The Red Baron – secures his place in the aviation history books.

Fantasy of Flight features one of the most complete international “Great War” collections on the planet, with many aircraft still containing original components.

Please note: Some aircraft may not always be onsite.

1917 Albatros D-Va

At one point during World War I, the Albatros D.Va was the most feared aircraft in battle, giving the legendary German aces their great success in the sky the time they enjoyed a superior technical advantage.

1917 Fokker DR-1 Triplane

In early 1917, the British Sopwith Triplane began flying in combat, so the German High Command requested that a triplane be developed for their use.

1918 Fokker D-VIII

This was the last German fighter designed and built by Anthony Fokker during World War I. He ended the war as he started: with a monoplane design.

1918 Morane A-I

The A-I was the product of a long line of successful Morane aircraft. It entered service in the spring of 1918 in time to see combat during the last few months of World War I.

1915 Nieuport 17

The most famous of the Nieuport designs, the type 17 was built by the French firm the Société Anonyme des Établissement Nieuport in 1915. Constructed of wood as were most aircraft of the time, the wing arrangement was unusual.

1918 Standard E-1

The E-1 was designed in 1917 by Standard Aircraft in Elizabeth, New Jersey, and is constructed mainly of wood. A contract for four prototypes was accepted by the Army Signal Corps as an airfield defense fighter.

1917 Standard J-1

The first version of the Standard J-1 was one of four aircraft that helped General “Blackjack” Pershing and the U.S. Army to chase down the Mexican bandit Pancho Villa in 1916.

1918 Thomas Morse Scout

The Thomas Morse Scout became the standard single-seat fighter trainer used by the U.S. Air Service during World War I and was nicknamed the “Tommy” by the pilots who flew it.